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  • Welcome to Bambou-Brillante.com.
    High quality cleaning cloths.
  • High quality towels
    Best quality made from special fibers.
  • High quality detergent.
  • Welcome to Bambou-Brillante.com.
    High quality cleaning cloths.

Learn more about us

The Bennardo A. Company & Bambou-Brilliante

Bennardo A. is a company in the import & export business of high quality cleaning cloths operates. Our own brand "Bambou-Brillante" is successfully sold to the market, trade fairs, as well as single and wholesaler for several years. The customer is the center of our work. Our aim is to meet its needs in the highest degree and to always exceed their expectations.


Dieses Tuch entfernt hartnäckigen Schmutz

  • Größe: 25 x 25 cm
Vorderansicht und Rückansicht:

Aqua Tuch

Für beste Reinigungsergebnisse empfohlen!

  • Größe: 60 x 45 cm


Beste Qualität in der Küche

  • Größe: 60 x 40 cm

Optik Set

Für beste Sicht

  • Größe jeweils: 17 x 15 cm
  • bestehend aus 3 Brillentücher


Das Beste für klare Sicht

  • Größe: 50 x 40 cm
  • Klare Fenster

Waffel Tuch

  • Größe: 65 x 40 cm

Reinigungs Konzentrat

Beschreibung folgt

Our Commitment to Quality

High quality Textile

The fibers are produced in a complex process. A special feature of fiber is its natural antibacterial agent. For this reason, it is the fiber also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Best agonyty

Even after repeated use and cleaning or washing your quality towels in the washing machine the materials of Bambou-Brilliante keep your familiar from the outset quality and cleaning power.


Cloths and Textile are ecologically. Through our own cleaning power of the materials you need less detergent. You protect your wallet and at the same time do something for the environment.

Dirt holding the fiber

Micro fiber and special fiber compared

Fasern im Vergleich

Learn more about us

The Bennardo A. Company & Bambou-Brilliante

Each Bambou-Brilliant product goes through demanding tests and strict
Quality controls subjected before it is introduced into the market.

You want to promote your own cleaning products with your brand and private label?
We can for each area of professional cleaning, leave at the request of each product produced already from smaller quantities, especially for you. Accompanying we offer to introduce our products to a top sales training.

  • Product presentation / product demonstration
  • Prospecting (cold calling)
  • Experience-oriented presentation appeal to the senses
  • Sales promotion aids at POS (Point of Sales)
  • Additional sales through cross-selling and up selling
  • Coaching at our booth
  • sales Psychology
  • customer Loyalty

To look forward, is one of the most important tasks of our time.
And connected to the sense, the complex demands of the market
to recognize and to be fair to them.

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